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Nothing lasts forever

(March 26, 2014) The ongoing campaign for the Quebec provincial election and renewed discussion of a Quebec sovereignty referendum has occasioned speculation of how the Canadian cookie might crumble. One example is a recent editorial by Lawrence Solomon in the National Post, “Canada needs Quebec.” Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: Why Ukraine should break up

(March 6, 2014) Crimea will have fewer doubts about leaving Ukraine than Russia will have about accepting it. Continue reading

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Sponsoring worthy immigrants

(May 16, 2013) As we phase out undesirables entering under the current system, we need to better open doors to the deserving. Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: Move into the fast lane

(December 7, 2012) The U.S. has pioneered dynamic pricing of highway toll lanes. Continue reading

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Smart tolls the best solution to our traffic woes

(July 11, 2012) It’s always hard to get people to pay for things they are used to getting for free. But the roads aren’t free. We’re paying more and more to use them every year. Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: The obesity paradox

(June 15, 2012) Heart patients with more risk factors more likely to live. Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: The fallout of the Nobel scam of 1946

(February 10, 2012) Scientist’s radiation cover-up might have cost thousands of lives. Continue reading

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