• “Lawrence Solomon, an influential voice in the national debate on health reform.” – AIMS On-Line – Special Health Care Reform Edition.
  • “In making the quantum-leap from consumer- to conserver-society, Mr. Solomon is telling us to switch our stress from the left to the right hemisphere of the brain – from quantity to quality, from concern with products to the environment itself as the irreplaceable product.” – Marshall McLuhan, University of Toronto philosopher.
  • “Your writing in the Globe has made a big difference to our view of issues!” – Roger Parkinson, Publisher, The Globe and Mail.
  • Lawrence Solomon’s book Energy Shock “tackles the large and significant issues, and, as some have suspected all along, concludes that apparently unmanageable problems can be solved if we return to basics.” – John Sewell, former mayor of Toronto.
  • “The Next City is the most intelligent public-policy magazine in the market. It looks intelligent and it talks intelligent. I am not surprised that its influence far exceeds its circulation, because journalists look to small, intelligent publications such as The Next City for the subjects that will motivate them in the months ahead. And I know that journalists read The Next City.” – Neil Reynolds, Editor, The Ottawa Citizen. [Lawrence Solomon was editor and publisher of The Next City magazine.]
  • “This book is authored by courageous spirits. It challenges commonly held myths about energy and progress in today’s world. It poses questions about collective presuppositions and assumptions we hold about foreign aid, population, resources, and the needs of the Third World. It slaughters sacred cows. It punctures inflated myths. It proposes alternate ways for the future. But most importantly, it raises the question of what it means to be fully human in a technological, industrial age.” – Lois Wilson, former President, World Council of Churches, commenting on In the Name of Progress (Doubleday) by Patricia Adams and Lawrence Solomon.
  • “Patricia Adams and Lawrence Solomon have invented a new definition of development in the Third World. They will soon have to do the same thing for us at home.” – Thomas Berger, Former Commissioner, MacKenzie Valley Pipeline Commission.
  • “This book demonstrates convincingly that a Conserver Society is not only feasible, it can be an attractive, dynamic and exciting alternative to the gloomy future which the doomsters predict for us.” – Maurice Strong, former executive director, United Nations Environment Program, commenting on Lawrence Solomon’s The Conserver Solution (Doubleday).
  • Lawrence Solomon has developed “non-conventional but perfectly acceptable industrial, capital and resource strategies. As a bonus, Mr. Solomon also demonstrates how the foreign ownership problem can be solved.” – Josef Kates, Chairman, Science Council of Canada.
  • “Solomon has successfully exploded the myth that conservation and economic progress don’t go hand in hand.” – President, Better Business Bureau.
  • Lawrence Solomon “has shown so clearly that the understanding of the issues and the choice of activities is not a matter that only specialists can tackle. He has successfully defined and demystified many of the catchwords and phrases that tend to intimidate the non-specialist.” – Dr. Ursula Franklin, Professor of Metallurgy and Materials Science, University of Toronto.
  • Lawrence Solomon’s “well argued call for the decentralization of energy development shows the weakness of our continued reliance on centralized energy systems. An original and important work – I don’t expect the energy multinationals to endorse this book.” – Jock Ferguson, founder of the Canadian Association of Journalists (formerly the Centre for Investigative Journalism), commenting on Energy Shock.