You’re entitled to know where we receive our support. Last year,

  • 96% came from contributions from individuals.
  • 0% came from corporations
  • 0% came from foundations
  • 0% came from unions
  • 4% came from sales, such as speaking fees, fees for articles, and publication sales.
  • Our single largest cash contribution was $200, received from an individual in Toronto..

In calculating the support that our foundation receives, we include the value of contributed services,  mostly pro bono work by lawyers and other professionals.


2 Responses to Funding

  1. John says:

    “You’re entitled to know where we receive our support” What you have provided above doesn’t really give much information. Can you provide a more detailed breakdown of where you receive funds from?

    • John, thank you for your query. I have updated the text with recent figures, which I trust tells you all that you want to know.

      For greater clarity, we receive no revenue from oil companies, although our critics would have you believe that we are lobbyists for them, or for other corporate interests.

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