Passenger Travel by Train, Canada 1970-1995

September 29, 1995

The passenger-kilometres traveled on Canadian trains fell between 1970 and 1995. From a high of 3.1 billion pkm in 1970, ridership dropped to a level slightly above two billion pkm, where it remained for most of the 1980s. Drastic cuts in service on the government-owned railway occasioned a precipitous drop in rail travel in 1990 — to 1.4 billion pkm per year, the level at which it has remained since.

Passenger-kilometres Traveled by Train


Rail’s market share diminished throughout the period. Accounting for just 1.5% of all passenger travel in 1970, rail travel shrunk to 0.3% of the total in 1990, where it has remained since. Throughout, rail has had the smallest market share of the five modes examined.

Market Share of Train among Motorized Modes

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