Letter to the Chief Coroner

Lawrence Solomon

May 2, 2000

Dr. Thomas Wilson
Chief Coroner
Room 1-068, 1st Floor, Unit L
80 Dundas St.
London, Ontario
N6A 6A8

Dear Dr. Wilson,

I am writing regarding the June 7, 2000 inquest into the 8 deaths resulting from the accident on the 401 last September, and specifically your duty to assist the jury to make recommendations aimed at preventing similar deaths.

Based on press reports and communications with your office, I gather that the inquest is likely to consider recommendations such as adding lanes, rumble strips, and medians.

In addition to these considerations, I request that the inquest address the potential role of toll roads in creating safer highways. Toll roads, as you may know, typically have fatality rates of one-half to two-thirds the fatality rates of freeways or non-tolled roads.

I would be happy to assist in identifying any expert witnesses.


Lawrence Solomon
Executive Director, Urban Renaissance Institute

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