Urgent Message to BC Drivers: BC’s cheaper, better safer public automobile insurance is at risk!

ICBC — Insurance Corporation of British Columbia
November 9/2003
Privatization of ICBC may be the result of a labour dispute being provoked by ICBC management!

Drivers across Canada now know that public automobile insurance is the most affordable, accessible and safest way to ensure drivers have the best possible basic auto insurance coverage.

A recently-released Consumers Association of Canada comprehensive study of auto insurance confirmed that.

Private car insurance rates are going through the roof, with premiums going up as much as 70% in just one year.

Auto insurance premiums went up by an average of 58% in Alberta, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick last year.

But in British Columbia, public auto insurance provided by the Insurance Corporation of BC is giving drivers insurance that is not only far cheaper but also better than that offered by private companies.

ICBC customers saw a rate increase of only 7.3% last year and ICBC is asking for a rate increase next year of just 1.3%.

Unfortunately, ICBC management are provoking a labour dispute with its workers — despite ICBC making a $77 million profit in the first half of this year giving ICBC executives personal bonuses of up to $100,000.

ICBC management is asking workers to make major concessions that would substantially reduce their wages and working conditions, despite ICBC’s success.

ICBC workers, represented by the Office & Professional Employees’ International Union (OPEIU) Local 378, are concerned that this dispute may be provoked to make public auto insurance look bad, leading to privatization.

The BC Liberals stated before the 2001 election that they intended to allow private for-profit insurance companies to begin selling basic automobile insurance for the first time since ICBC was created in 1973.

A lengthy labour dispute with ICBC workers provoked by ICBC management might give the provincial government the excuse it needs to turn public auto insurance over to private insurance corporations that have donated thousands of dollars to the BC Liberal Party.

Please take a moment to send ICBC President Nick Geer and email message of concern about the future of ICBC and public auto insurance.

And please learn more about the possible privatization of ICBC through this website. Thanks.


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