Passenger Travel by Intercity Bus, Canada 1970-1995

September 29, 1995

The passenger-kilometres (pkm) traveled on intercity buses fluctuated wildly during the period 1970 to 1995. From 3.6 billion pkm in 1970, bus ridership rose to 4.4 billion pkm in 1980 before sinking to a low of 3.4 billion pkm in 1990. While the annual level of ridership has been fairly stable during the present decade, at slightly more than four billion pkm, it peaked at 4.8 billion pkm in 1995.


Passenger-kilometres Traveled by Intercity Bus




The market share of passenger travel claimed by intercity buses fell from 1.7% in 1970, to 0.8% in 1990, and has fluctuated between 0.9% and 1% since.



Market Share of Intercity Bus among Motorized Modes




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Airlines & Airports




Public Transit





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