Keep on trucking

Lawrence Solomon/Don Bell
National Post
April 16, 2001

Re: Toronto’s Magic Bullet (Lawrence Solomon, March 27) and Truck Versus Rail (March 29).

There’s much hype and ignorance about trucking. Most trucking is local or short-haul, where rail can’t compete. Only 10% of trucking is long-haul, which is still faster than rail. Much of trucking is multiple calls – rail can’t do this. Many towns and most businesses don’t have rail facilities. Trucks give faster and superior service.

Railroad locomotives’ diesel fuel is much higher in sulphur content and other pollutants than diesel trucks! Cars cause more congestion and pollution than trucks. Winter/spring weather changes cause most road damage, potholes and heaving.

Mostly, businesses have no choice but to ship by truck. If truck road-tolls were introduced, any increase of costs would be passed on to business and consumers. Don Bell, Mississauga, Ont.

View Mr. Solomon’s editorial,

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