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Discussion group on – Robed dictators

(September 21, 1998) On March 6, 1857, The United States Supreme Court dropped a political bombshell on the American people in the form of the Dred Scott decision. Continue reading

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Book reviews – No enemies to the left

(September 21, 1998) Reflections of the Siamese Twin: Canada at the End of the Twentieth Century Continue reading

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On a clear day, you can see past the borders

(September 1, 1995) Where do I live? Depending on who`s asking and why, I might name my neighborhood. Or I might say “Toronto”. Or “Canada,” if I were visiting a foreign country. Besides being a Torontonian and Canadian, I’m an Ontarian for some purposes (like buying licence plates for my car), a resident of the Western world when our standard of living is compared with that of people in Third World countries, even a member of Planet Earth when reminded of it by a telecast from space or canvasser from Greenpeace. Continue reading

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