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Lawrence Solomon: Amazon doesn’t compete in the free market. It should have to.

What’s enlightened about turning a blind eye to government policies that destroy traditional retail? Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: Housing shortage? What housing shortage?

Politicians could put to bed the lament of high housing costs by restoring freedom and common sense. Continue reading

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Waterfront Toronto Considers Selling Naming Rights to Public Parks, Spaces

(July 8, 2011) Canadians have become accustomed to corporate sponsorship of buildings, the branding of sports stadiums and even the renaming of movie theatres after banks, but now there’s a push to expand the name game to public spaces – including Toronto’s Lake Ontario waterfront. Continue reading

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Feeling Pretty Good About Your Choice to Purchase ‘Fair Trade’ Coffee? Don’t.

(July 6, 2011) Despite its name, fair-trade coffee isn’t necessarily “fair”. In this article, Erika Johnsen outlines the inconsistencies of the fair-trade business, specifically in relation to fair-trade coffee farmers. Continue reading

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How skyscapers can save the city

(February 9, 2011) Harvard economist Edward Gleaser makes the case for denser cities in the March 2011 edition of The Atlantic. Below is an excerpt, with a link to the full article. Continue reading

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