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Lawrence Solomon: Toronto’s not-so-tiny but nearly perfect mayor

(January 8, 2010) So far he’s following urban guru Jane Jacob’s play book. Continue reading

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Return sidewalks to private control

(April 3, 2010) Governments have systematically stripped away the character of neighbourhoods. Sidewalks in commercial districts should be privatized to retire city debt, to perk up street life and city neighbourhoods and to free city businesses from the tangle of red tape that dampens their bottom line. Continue reading

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Waterfront Toronto considers selling naming rights to public parks, spaces

(April 7, 2008) Canadians have become accustomed to corporate sponsorship of buildings, the branding of sports stadiums and even the renaming of movie theatres after banks, but now there’s a push to expand the name game to public spaces – including Toronto’s Lake Ontario waterfront. Continue reading

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Masters of the land

(January 24, 2008) Third world peasants have a history of clamouring for land reform. China’s peasants are rewriting history. They want China’s system of collective land ownership thrown out and replaced by privatization. Continue reading

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Ontario must rescue Toronto from itself

(October 20, 2006) Montreal was once Canada’s great financial centre. Then politics made Montreal unwelcoming to business and, over time, Toronto took over. Now Toronto has become hostile to business and companies are relocating outside the city and to more business-friendly Calgary. If Toronto remains hostile, Calgary will continue to outpace Toronto and could replace Toronto as the country’s business and financial capital. Continue reading

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