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During COVID, the charter has been useless

(November 3, 2021) How can this be? Contrary to common belief, the charter is not the foundational document upon which our legal system is built. COVID has exposed the Charter’s shortcomings and given Canadians cause to reassess their assumptions about … Continue reading

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Rise Up: Freedom must prevail!

(October 30, 2021) Construct a society of freedom and we, the people, will sort out all the rest.

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Are bike lanes safe?

Join us Tuesday, January 30, at 8PM for a public debate on bike lanes, prompted by the controversial National Post series. Continue reading

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Interview with Lawrence Solomon on cycling

“So you used to be a bicycle advocate going back to the eighties …” Mark Towhey discusses Solomon’s controversial cycling article and his view that bicycles have become a harm instead of the benefit that they should be. Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: How city politicians are helping Amazon destroy your favourite local retailers

(April 21, 2017) Brick-and-mortar stores are falling by the thousands, but don’t blame Amazon — it’s municipalities that are wielding the wrecking ball. Continue reading

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