Interview with Lawrence Solomon on cycling

(December 3, 2017) “So you used to be a bicycle advocate going back to the eighties …” Mark Towhey discusses Solomon’s controversial cycling article and his view that bicycles have become a harm instead of the benefit that they should be.

“It used to be that municipal laws discriminated against the bicycle. It wasn’t treated fairly as a vehicle on the road. At the time, bicycle advocates were asking for fair treatment, not special treatment. … The problem now is a kind of ideology has swept over cities and bicycles are being promoted in ways that have become inappropriate. Instead of complementing other transportation modes they’re encroaching on other transportation modes.”

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2 Responses to Interview with Lawrence Solomon on cycling

  1. That either one of you gentlemen thinks you have any credibility here is telling.

    You are both unquestioning products of our life-long auto-addled North American society, and as such, base your discussion on a falsely contrived foundation.

    But keep at it guys. Our hometown’s decades-old fight against our still growing urban transportation congestion/pollution crisis remains one of the most addressable issues we Torontonians face, as long as we truly understand the full scope of interests – many of which are not directly related to actual mobility – controlling, and often distorting, the debate.

    #voteWiserON18 #voteWiserTO18

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