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Lawrence Solomon: Bicycles kill. How urban cycling policies made city streets more lethal

Giving bicycles a bigger share of the road has backfired on vehicle safety. Continue reading

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Interview with Lawrence Solomon on cycling

“So you used to be a bicycle advocate going back to the eighties …” Mark Towhey discusses Solomon’s controversial cycling article and his view that bicycles have become a harm instead of the benefit that they should be. Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: How cities made a huge mistake in promoting cycling

Cycling lanes consume more space than they free up, add to pollution and drain the public purse. Continue reading

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A video on how congestion pricing works in practice

(March 21, 2011) StreetsBlog is currently running a ten part documentary series entitled Moving Beyond the Automobile. Below is their segment on congestion pricing, which demonstrates the benefits of pricing roads in just over five minutes. Continue reading

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