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During COVID, the charter has been useless

(November 3, 2021) How can this be? Contrary to common belief, the charter is not the foundational document upon which our legal system is built. COVID has exposed the Charter’s shortcomings and given Canadians cause to reassess their assumptions about … Continue reading


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Rise Up: Freedom must prevail!

(October 30, 2021) Construct a society of freedom and we, the people, will sort out all the rest.

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Manipulating the youth vote

(April 29, 2011) Watch what celebrities and ordinary people have to say about the importance of voting. Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: Ford’s blow for film freedom

(February 10, 2011) Urban Renaissance Institute Executive Director Lawrence Solomon describe’s Mayor Ford’s intervention to save a local film screening from being shut down by bureaucrats. Continue reading

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UNICEF: Same old tricks, no treats

(October 28, 2006) UNICEF is changing the way it treats kids at home and abroad. Abroad, UNICEF has learned from its embarrassment of recent years, when it was discovered to have funded summer camps in Palestine that inspired children to become terrorists. Martyrdom-themed camps such as Shahids of Chattin took kids on field trips to visit the families of suicide bombers and organized lectures and songfests that glorified suicide bombers, helping to create a culture of killing. Continue reading

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