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Lawrence Solomon: Housing shortage? What housing shortage?

Politicians could put to bed the lament of high housing costs by restoring freedom and common sense. Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: Subways, profitable subways

Politics have transformed once economic subways into an unaffordable public transit option. Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: Warmer temperatures would be a benefit, not a problem, for Toronto

(January 30, 2012) However, city councillors preparing Toronto for a warming trend may be caught short by chilling, new climate-change data. Continue reading

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Could Toronto make 905ers pay more to park?

Lawrence Solomon recommends a “user-pay” toll that could be used to lower Toronto taxes — so city residents still benefit and the free-riders pay. Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: Atwood’s library

(August 5, 2011) Toronto has an extraordinary library system with close to 100 branches. The former is mostly about books; the latter mostly about everything but books. This is true of most Canadian cities, where the great history of building public libraries to bring books to the people is running up against rapidly changing cultures and technologies. Continue reading

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