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Without regard to race, colour, creed or breed

(May 20, 2006) Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice will soon decide whether the province’s ban on pit bulls is constitutional. Continue reading

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Six ways to beautify our cities

(March 10, 2006) Charlottetown Mayor Clifford Lee wants to beautify his city. So does Toronto Mayor David Miller, Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan and literally hundreds of other mayors across Canada who tout beautification campaigns for their towns and cities, often with the sponsorship of the Canada Lands Company, a federal Crown corporation that’s big on beautification. Continue reading

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Crackdowns work

(January 6, 2006) To combat rising gun crime in Toronto, Mayor David Miller believes young hoodlums need positive role models. Good idea. To set an example, the Mayor should choose a good role model for himself: Rudy Giuliani. Continue reading

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Strong mayor proposal weakens Torontonians

(December 6, 2005) Over the past few years, the highly valued neutrality and objectivity of senior staff at City Hall has been methodically threatened and undermined; this proposal would effectively kill it. Continue reading

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Time to rein in Toronto’s petty despots

(December 3, 2005) Two years after he was elected to office on a pledge to clean up government, Toronto Mayor David Miller continues to preside over a corrupt administration. This corruption is not limited to the high-profile cases for which Toronto is making a name for itself. Petty corruption is the stuff of daily life at city hall. Continue reading

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