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Lawrence Solomon: Move into the fast lane

(December 7, 2012) The U.S. has pioneered dynamic pricing of highway toll lanes. Continue reading

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A video on how congestion pricing works in practice

(March 21, 2011) StreetsBlog is currently running a ten part documentary series entitled Moving Beyond the Automobile. Below is their segment on congestion pricing, which demonstrates the benefits of pricing roads in just over five minutes. Continue reading

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How skyscapers can save the city

(February 9, 2011) Harvard economist Edward Gleaser makes the case for denser cities in the March 2011 edition of The Atlantic. Below is an excerpt, with a link to the full article. Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: Toronto’s not-so-tiny but nearly perfect mayor

(January 8, 2010) So far he’s following urban guru Jane Jacob’s play book. Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon nominated for book award

Energy Probe‘s Lawrence Solomon has been recognized by the Annual Heritage Toronto Awards with a nomination for his 2007 book, Toronto Sprawls

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Why Bush may win the vote but lose the White House

Today, the U.S. public may vote for George W. Bush over Al Gore — perhaps by four or five million votes — in the contest for the presidency of the United States. On Dec. 18, when the 538 members of the Electoral College assemble in the 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia to perform their constitutional duty, they may override the public’s will and elect Al Gore president.

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Urban free traders or rural individualists

After the U.S. presidential election, USA Today published a startling map showing counties that voted for Al Gore in blue and those that went for George W. Bush in red. The map was a sea of red, with Gore voters relegated to a few blue patches along the coasts and the odd spot in the interior.

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