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January 1, 2001

The need for British Columbia to separate from Canada is entirely different from than that of Quebec’s.

As Separatists our goal is not to dig a moat, or to build a wall, in order to separate from Canada. Our forests will still overlap, our rivers and streams will flow unimpeded and the climate will remain the same as it has since the dawn of time. It is not a land mass, or a people, that we want to separate from. We want separation from a sick and corrupt political system that has seized control of our lives, a system that has shamed us as a civilized people, a system that’s “possessed” Canada.

The need for British Columbia to separate from Canada is entirely different from than that of Quebec’s. Francophones want separation for cultural reasons, bigoted and racist to say the least. B.C.’s reasons are economic, social, judicial and environmental.

Our position: We consider Canada as a parent corporation and the provinces as the suppliers. Both are public corporations, but, instead of the shareholders and investors holding stocks and bonds they hold addresses. Their stock exchanges are called capitals and the brokers are supposed politicians.

A corporation’s management that consistently decreases shareholder’s profits and uses political influence to pass legislation contrary to shareholders and suppliers will at one point, or another, have to be re-structured. We are that committee. We are not some lunatic fringe in rebellion, we’re concerned partners in a business that’s falling apart at the seams. Provincially our businesses, industries and communities have been decimated. We find this fact, at the very least, unacceptable.

When a corporation mismanages funds so badly that its pensioned employees freeze in the winter and are forced to dine on pet food, its security personnel are forced through the doors of food banks to survive, and its shareholder’s children go to overcrowded schools with empty stomachs, it’s definitely time overhaul management. As British Columbia Separatists we don’t entertain illusions of “negotiating” with Ottawa and/or Central Canada under the current agreement. The only viable method remaining is to pull our participation until such time that we believe that negotiation is possible. We’re not angry at our Canadian neighbors, we’re angry at the Canadian political system..

The federal and provincial management teams have come to believe that the profits earned, or lost, are theirs. It’s this type of thought and action that bankrupts corporations. The time has come for “suppliers” to exercise a hostile takeover. A government’s sole purpose is to administrate public funds and services. It is not to legislate invasive laws and regulations that cripple personal and provincial potential.

Ottawa’s entered into global agreements that have left the west subject to ridiculously high hydro, oil, fuel and natural gas prices, when in fact we are in possession of the largest known resources in the world. There is NO REASON why we should EVER be subject to global price scams. We have the proven abilities and resources to operate and supply our needs at a fair price.

Our need to separate goes far beyond feeling slighted. It’s an economic NECESSITY if we’re to preserve resources and insure long term prosperity for our citizens. We’ve been subject to decades of eastern propaganda regarding the Americanization of Canada, but our biggest adversary is to the east, not the south!

The federal government has repeatedly slashed health care contributions to British Columbia leaving thousands of people to suffer and die needlessly. Our cities are suffering from massive traffic grid-lock that get worse every day. Our highways have fallen into decay. The bankruptcy rate for individuals and businesses has far, far, exceeded epidemic proportions. Our fishery, forestry and mining sectors have been virtually destroyed by people back east who have absolutely no compassion for what we are experiencing, and have in fact, consistently made decisions that escalate the devastation.

British Columbia has been forced, against its good nature, to finally say that enough is enough. Goodbye Canada, Hello Prosperity! It’s time to join together and move into a future bright with promise. A future that restores our children’s rightful legacy, a legacy of prosperity that BC’s always been known for. By seizing control of our assets we will have the ability to create an entirely new economy, an economy that’s competitive and strong.

We are already officially recognized by the media, and government of all levels, as “Western Canada”. We will still be Canadians, we will simply be called what we’ve always been called, “Western Canadians”. If the federal government, including Prime Minister Jean Chretien, officially recognize us as a separate entity, then why shouldn’t we? It’s only a matter of formalizing the arrangement.

Political parties have evolved into self-serving organizations managed by megalomaniacs and sociopaths hell bent on the suppression of rights and the prohibition of personal prosperity (excluding theirs). It is time to exorcise government of organizations that follow their own constitutions instead our nation’s.

We encourage large numbers of independent political candidates to run in the next provincial election and have every intention of supporting them at ballot boxes. People who have no “party” affiliation or control. Free to vote as directed by their constituents. Good and proud people who do the job they are paid to do, and do it very well. If the people of British Columbia direct them to separate, they will. Maybe they won’t agree with separatism, but they’ll do as they’re told because it’s an obligation of office to those who have hired them – the constituents.

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