Car deals

Kevin McLaughlin/Lawrence Solomon
National Post
April 23, 2001

Lawrence Solomon has missed the big picture: It’s true, Pay-per-minute Auto Insurance (April 10) will “begin to tame the worst excesses of the private automobile.” But why stop there? Why not pay for your car by the minute, too?

With the average car driven only about 66 minutes per day, yet costing over $8,000 a year, owning a car is the worst investment most people will ever make. The same “smart technologies” that are enabling pay-per-minute insurance have also launched pay-by-the-hour, instant-access car use in cities around the world through “car sharing.”

As the chairman of Ford Motors said recently, “If you live in a city, you don’t need to own a car.”

Kevin McLaughlin,, Toronto

Click here to read Lawrence Solomon’s article, “Pay-per-minute Auto Insurance.”

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