Summer encore

August 21, 2001

Reprints of Urban Renaissance Institute’s Larry Solomon’s work have been popping up in some unexpected places.
Hort-Pro Gardening Online Magazine excerpted Larry’s review of author and literary agent Bill Adler Jr.’s updated editon of Outwitting Neighbors – an installment in Adler’s Outwitting series that includes outsmarting various subjects ranging from squirrels to teenagers, to computers, and traffic. Hort-Pro’s highlight singled out Adler’s assessment of community associations as suiting people who craved “rules and order” and the “exact height of hedges.”
Click here to read Larry’s Review

Larry’s article, “Drilling holes in forestry rhetoric” was excerpted in an editorial on U.S.-Canada free trade published by the Northwest Ecosystem Alliance – a conservation group based in Bellingham, Washington dedicated to protecting America’s Northwest wildlands.
Read the Original article.


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