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NAFTA greens us up

(December 11, 2002) It’s NAFTA’s 10th anniversary and what a great decade for the environment it’s been. Sulphur dioxide emissions are down, ground level ozone levels are down, inhalable airborne particle levels are down and energy efficiency is up. Our air is clearer, our water is cleaner and, as a by-product, we’re healthier, too. Continue reading

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Summer encore

(August 21, 2001) Reprints of Urban Renaissance Institute’s Larry Solomon’s work have been popping up in some unexpected places. Hort-Pro Gardening Online Magazine excerpted Larry’s review of author and literary agent Bill Adler Jr.’s updated editon of Outwitting Neighbors – an installment in Adler’s Outwitting series that includes outsmarting various subjects ranging from squirrels to teenagers, to computers, and traffic. Hort-Pro’s highlight singled out Adler’s assessment of community associations as suiting people who craved “rules and order” and the “exact height of hedges.” Continue reading

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Property rights no fishery solution

(November 7, 2000) In two recent pieces, on Oct. 10 and Oct. 24, this page provided Lawrence Solomon an open forum to espouse his views on integrating aboriginal Canadians into the Atlantic fishery. However, his intent is to use native access to turn fishery management upside down by prescribing a property rights solution to the current native fishing rights issue. Continue reading

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The Mi’kmaq free market lobster revolution

(October 24, 2000) Two battles are under way at Burnt Church, New Brunswick. One — a skirmish –has been all over the headlines; the other — a revolution — has been entirely ignored. Continue reading

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Not real property rights

(October 23, 2000) I agree wholeheartedly with Larry Solomon’s contention (Property Rights for White Fishermen Too, Oct. 10) that property rights for fishermen of all races would solve the lobster fishery problem and that we should badger our politicians into recognizing this. Continue reading

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