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Martin versus the old economy

In presenting his vision for the country in Montreal last week, incoming Prime Minister Paul Martin rightly extolled the New Economy and the importance of using capital efficiently. Continue reading

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Peace Coffee: Changing the world a cup at a time

(October 25, 2008) Every morning, Andy Lambert, a local Olympian in the sustainable-development movement, straps on his helmet, mounts his bicycle and begins a 20-mile ride that will take him, bike trailer in tow, to several stores, coffee shops and food cooperatives where he’ll deliver about 300 pounds of “Peace Coffee.” Continue reading


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Strategic voting in Canada: A cross time analysis

(January 1, 2004) This paper investigates strategic voting in Canada. We test the standard expected utility model, as developed by McKelvey and Ordeshook (1972), across four federal elections. Continue reading

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New report on farm subsidies

(April 24, 2003) The study, Agricultural Subsidies in Canada:1990-1999 by Lawrence Solomon and Jessica Zippin, was released June 22, 2000. Continue reading

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NAFTA greens us up

(December 11, 2002) It’s NAFTA’s 10th anniversary and what a great decade for the environment it’s been. Sulphur dioxide emissions are down, ground level ozone levels are down, inhalable airborne particle levels are down and energy efficiency is up. Our air is clearer, our water is cleaner and, as a by-product, we’re healthier, too. Continue reading

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