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Re: Less Government, Less Greenhouse Gas

(November 11, 2002) Mr. Solomon points out that Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions contributed by the agriculture sector is about 10%. What he neglects to indicate is that, in fact, the agriculture sector will address 20% of Canada’s target emissions now that agricultural soils are recognized as carbon sinks. Continue reading


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World’s poor lose out in western farm subsidy policy

(October 6, 2002) Critics argue subsidies for western farmers are hurting those in the Third World. You probably didn’t wake up this morning thinking about farm subsidies but that may just be the problem. If you’re debating what wins the award as the most ridiculous economic policy of the world’s richest nations, farm subsidies may get the nod. Continue reading

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Farm subsidy drain is tilted east, Toronto report suggests

(June 27, 2002) When the debate over the need for farm supports is raging, prairie provinces quickly develop the reputation of being most aggressively in favour of aid, the most deeply in need and the most heavily subsidized. But a Toronto research institute opposed to farm subsidies says that is a myth. As of 2001, Ontario had the most subsidized farm sector, according to a report from the Toronto-based Urban Renaissance Institute. Saskatchewan and Manitoba are in the middle of the pack while Newfoundland has bumped into second place. Continue reading

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The real facts about farm income

(June 26, 2002) The George Morris Centre, Canada’s only agricultural think-tank, can’t stomach the analyses performed by the Urban Renaissance Institute: It finds the data we use exaggerated and manipulated, and the conclusions we draw based on this data patently false, if not laughable. These are serious charges, if true. Fortunately, readers will have little difficulty deciding for themselves. Continue reading

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Food fight

(June 26, 2002) A recent Financial Post column questioning the economic benefits of sustaining a Canadian farm industry has stirred a debate between an agri-food think-tank and writer Lawrence Solomon. Their arguments are outlined below. Continue reading

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