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Kashechewan woes boil down to leadership

(November 5, 2006) Canada’s federal government and Ontario’s provincial government pointed the finger at each other when the deplorable drinking water in Kashechewan, the native reserve in Northern Ontario, exploded to public attention last week. Ontario blamed the federal government, which quickly accepted responsibility, but Canadians should know where most of the blame truly lies. Continue reading

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The eco-affluence myth

(July 31, 2003) “Affluence fosters environmentalism,” argues The Real Environmental Crisis, a book by professor emeritus Jack M. Hollander of the University of California at Berkeley. “As people become more affluent, most become increasingly sensitive to the health and beauty of their environment. And gaining affluence helps provide the economic means to protect and enhance the environment.” Continue reading

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No property leads to plunder

(December 31, 2002) The Carnegie Endowment’s Scott Vaughan chose an apt example by invoking Indira Gandhi’s memorable speech in Stockholm at the 1972 UN Conference on Human Environment. “Are not poverty and need the greatest polluters?” Mrs. Gandhi said famously, in arguing that the environment should take a back seat to the economy. Continue reading

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NAFTA greens us up

(December 11, 2002) It’s NAFTA’s 10th anniversary and what a great decade for the environment it’s been. Sulphur dioxide emissions are down, ground level ozone levels are down, inhalable airborne particle levels are down and energy efficiency is up. Our air is clearer, our water is cleaner and, as a by-product, we’re healthier, too. Continue reading

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Watershed decision

(December 18, 2001) CUPE, the public service labour union, recently issued a dire prediction to its members. “A waste water treatment system in the coastal city of Halifax … could well be a watershed in the Canadian struggle against privatization,” it warned in exhorting its troops nationwide to join its anti-privatization campaign. Continue reading

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