Graham Reinders
National Post
September 10, 2002

Lawrence Solomon‘s “How Meeting Kyoto Goals Can Save Canada Money” (Sept. 4), was a fabulous article. All those scenarios are possible.

I am a follower of history. I can say with absolute certainty that we will not pass Kyoto in its present form. The best we will do is pass a token. Politics never has and never will have anything do with the good of the planet or its people. Even the not-so-bright know that our leaders are the elected of the various power and financial blocs; that is what party politics is all about.

It does not need more than grade school to understand that if we burn 500,000,000 years’ accumulation of plants, (coal, oil, and gas, which are 45% carbon and 45% oxygen) within only 100 years, we are in deep trouble, no matter what the normal weather cycles are doing.

Where do these mental giants who run our country think all this energy is going within our global thermos flask? The answer of course is that they get paid, one election at a time, not to think, but to lead us away from reality.

Graham Reinders, Vancouver

To read Larry’s article, “How Meeting Kyoto Goals Can Save Canada Money,” please click here.

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