What is the western Canada concept ?

Western Canada Concept

May 29, 2003

Independence for Western Canada, chosen by the people of each of the four Western provinces and northern territories in a referendum.

Founded in 1980, the Western Canada Concept stands for:

Independence for Western Canada, chosen by the people of each of the four Western provinces and northern territories in a referendum. A citizen’s constitutionally established right of reasonably accessible referendum, initiative and recall. Protection for the sanctity and safety of human life, property and security of the person and their fundamental freedoms. An end to immigration to preserve our environment, culture and stability. Equal rights for all, with no special status for any race, or ethnic origin. Preservation of our Christian culture and European heritage. A two-house legislature, one elected by population the other by region, both with original legislative jurisdiction and both required to approve before a law was enacted. One official language of Western Canada. The establishment of a balanced budget by law under the constitution so no future debts can be incurred by government.

Fundamental Facts:

Western Canada is the size of Europe. Western Canada produces 52% of Canada’s fishery, forestry, mining and agricultural revenue with 27% of Canada’s population. It produces 90% of Canada’s oil, gas and coal. Western Canada has a common language, and a direct interest in and access to Pacific Rim trade. There are only three provinces in Canada whose exports consistently exceed their imports in value: B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan. Two provinces, Ontario and Quebec control two-thirds of the seats in the House of Commons, Senate and Supreme Court. To change this to share power would require their consent, hence patronage and favourable decisions for Ontario and Quebec are inevitable and permanent. The problems of the bureaucracy of Canada, bilingualism, the cost of government, equalization payments, special status for Quebec and aboriginal peoples, the national debt of Canada, the power of Ontario and Quebec in the Commons and judiciary are only soluble with separation and Independence. A Western Canadian dollar, backed by Western Canadian resources would be worth twice what Canada’s currency is worth today. We could be a prosperous, debt-free and independent nation . . . but it’s up to you!

We Need You:

To join and support our cause with energy, time and money. To cause your friends to join and spread the word. To read and understand the cause in the Western Separatist Papers. To write letters occasionally to explain your views for publication. To arrange for and organize public meetings. To be a candidate in a federal or provincial election. To support, organize for, work for, or fund our candidates if you are not one yourself.

What we offer you

A clear understanding of our goals and how they can be achieved. Over 15 years of experience in advocating and organizing for independence. Monthly information for every member to educate, co-ordinate and advertise our message. The expertise to get the job done with a leader who knows where to go and how to get there.

Steps to Independence:





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