McCain’s French romance

Carl Pope
Huffington Post
May 22, 2008

Senator John McCain’s nuclear stance comes under scrutiny this week from Carl Pope of the Sierra Club environmental group in his column for the Huffington Post blog. Pope asks how McCain can justify his double standard of opposing subsidies for solar power on one hand, and defending his support for an increase in subsidies for nuclear power, on the other. In his critique of McCain, Pope draws on Lawrence Solomon‘s recent article, The limits to nuclear: McCain shouldn’t try to follow French disaster. Writes Pope:

McCain “likes to claim that [nuclear] is a proven clean technology, and cites as evidence France, where he claims nuclear power generates 80 percent of the electricity. … But a recent analysis by Lawrence Solomon shows that citing the French experience is yet another example of McCain having failed to keep up with events.

“Solomon explains the sordid story of France’s nuclear romance. It’s technical, but if you want to know why nuclear power is — even for its wildest fans — a limited part of our energy future, worth reading.”


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