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Planners from hell – Mexico City’s cup doesn’t runneth over

(December 21, 1998) Although Mexico City looms large in the Mexican economy — hosting 45 per cent of the country’s industry and producing 38 per cent of its GDP — the Western Hemisphere’s largest metropolis has water problems to match its economic and geographic stature. Continue reading

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Turning the tide: Citizen John Roe leads Victoria waterway cleanup

(June 21, 1998) John Roe takes in his rowboat’s oars as another man cuts the motor on a barge piled high with rusted metal and rotted logs. A yellow Lab pants happily at the barge’s bow while its master turns to wave. “How’s it going, Darryl?” Roe says jovially. A few friendly words, and we move on our way, Roe explaining that Darryl Youlden has the contract to pick junk out of Victoria’s Gorge Waterway, two hours a day, seven days a week. Continue reading

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