Gunslingers and demagogues

Ken Nichol
National Post
November 27, 2000

Linda McQuaig’s observations are amusing. What’s her problem with men under 66? Is she threatened by macho men? The Libero Four Stooges: Big Bad Jean, The Rock, Jane and Anne certainly aren’t gunslingers, more like mudslingers. I bet they’d look good in a wetsuit.

Politics is a game. It’s about getting and keeping power. Anything for a vote, tell them what they want to hear.

Health care is a sham issue. It’s a dinosaur and socialized medicine is an anachronism. We have one-tier medicine now with private doctors/medical clinics paid by the state insurance company. The problem is the bloated, procedural bureaucracy and we expect to throw more money at it to fix it. Reform it. Get the government out of trying to own and manage anything. Sell the hospitals to private enterprise, get rid of waiting lines, buy new technology and become efficient and effective customer service oriented.

Lawrence Solomon of the Urban Renaissance Institute advocates health care allowances according to demographics and health status (Close Health Care Gap with Allowances, Nov. 21). Good idea. More power to the people to be responsible for their own health and to operate on a budget. Demagoguery, he says, will prevent any reasoned discussion, exploration or constructive reform to our entrenched system: not politically correct.

What a shame we may be stuck with demagogues for another four years because of the extreme Canadian need for safety, security, egalitarianism and herd instinct.

Ken Nichol, St. Albert, Alta.

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