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Smart roads are making new mass transit and expressways obsolete

(September 5, 2013) Satellite technology tracks traffic along all routes, changing rates on the fly. Continue reading

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Could Toronto make 905ers pay more to park?

Lawrence Solomon recommends a “user-pay” toll that could be used to lower Toronto taxes — so city residents still benefit and the free-riders pay. Continue reading

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Aldyen Donnelly: BCAA’s conclusions about hybrid vehicles

(June 14, 2011) After one spends a little time calculating paybacks for different vehicle purchase options under different energy and vehicle price, tax, emission rating and purchase incentive scenarios, it becomes obvious that any tax measures intended to change consumer energy use should focus on car purchase and annual re-registration, not fuel purchases. Continue reading

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Ontario’s car pool embargo

(November 22, 2008) With governmental blessings, you can car pool from home to work, but only under certain conditions. Continue reading

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Revolution on the road

(October 14, 2006) Governments in Canada and the United States sympathize with the plight of reckless automobile drivers: To save them from the exorbitant automobile insurance rates needed to provide them and other risky drivers with coverage, our government regulators order insurance companies to artificially lower the premiums that they and otherwise risky drivers, such as teens and the very old, would otherwise face. Continue reading

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Insurance for dummies

(May 14, 2004) Lowering auto insurance rates doesn’t involve “rocket science,” Alberta Premier Ralph Klein scoffed last week. To prove his point, he vowed to sit his MLAs down together in the same room one day soon to lower rates for 80% of Alberta drivers. Continue reading

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Using programs of care to achieve better health outcomes

(March 12, 2004) Mandating the use of evidence-based Programs of Care will mean that insurers, health providers, claimants and the court system will have similar expectations for the type and cost of reasonable and necessary treatment for common accident-related injuries. Continue reading

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