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Stimulating sprawl

(April 4, 2009) Sprawl in Toronto just got its biggest boost in 50 years, thanks to Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty’s decision this week to stimulate the economy through a $9-billion spending spree on transportation infrastructure. Continue reading

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Spreading sprawl

(February 2, 2008) Canadians are becoming more and more dependent on the automobile, Stats-Can told us last week, citing figures showing that 74% of Canadians are full-time drivers, up from 70% in 1998 and 68% in 1992. Continue reading

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New policies bring more Toronto sprawl

(March 26, 2006) A Toronto megalopolis, 150 kilometres in girth, will be born of the Ontario provincial budget announced this week. The budget’s big-ticket transportation projects will drive this outcome through measures that will undermine public transit in the city while accelerating suburban sprawl in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. Continue reading

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Why did sprawl get out of hand?

(November 12, 2005) Urban elites and the left have for decades savaged the suburbs, arguing that the suburb is environmentally unsustainable, an aesthetic blight on the landscape, homogeneously white bread and morally defective. Continue reading

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Immigration debate, unstifled

(September 28, 2002) For the record, I don’t think Martin Collacott is a racist. The Fraser Institute analyst complains in his recent paper (Canada’s Immigration Policy: The Need for Major Reform) that critics of current immigration policy are often accused of racism, thus stifling what he believes is a much needed debate. Continue reading

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