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The right enticement for rural life

(July 5, 2008) A devastating new report from Canada’s Senate – Beyond Freefall: Halting Rural Poverty – shows how hopelessly dependent, dysfunctional and uneconomic rural Canada has become. Continue reading

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Six ways to beautify our cities

(March 10, 2006) Charlottetown Mayor Clifford Lee wants to beautify his city. So does Toronto Mayor David Miller, Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan and literally hundreds of other mayors across Canada who tout beautification campaigns for their towns and cities, often with the sponsorship of the Canada Lands Company, a federal Crown corporation that’s big on beautification. Continue reading

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Cultures collide

(February 17, 2006) The Muslims refused to assimilate. They were expelled. This was the story in Europe 400 years ago. We are watching the sequel today. Continue reading

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Splendid design seizes the right to be different

(December 13, 2005) The conservative-minded in gated communities across the continent don’t like change. They regulate, to an obsessive degree, the size and style of buildings and their uses, typically in suburban settings. The result: an appalling mediocrity. Continue reading

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Fading family

(April 30, 2005) By accident and design, modern governments act to subvert traditional family institutions. Much of what was once normal in our societies is punished by the tax system, if not outlawed altogether. Much of what undermines the organization of the traditional family, meanwhile, is now subsidized. Continue reading

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