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Martin’s problem: Corruption at home and abroad

(March 27, 2004) The Prime Minister says he is fighting corruption, but he is merely keeping the lid on scandals. The Acres bribery case is one that could blow up. Paul Martin’s spin-filled response to the sponsorship scandal failed to maintain his pre-scandal popularity. His honeymoon as Canada’s dream prime minister abruptly ended only weeks after he assumed power. Corruption, however, has an international as well as a national face, and Canada’s corruption problems have as much of an international character as a national one. Continue reading

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Investing in people: creating a human capital society for Ontario

(February 24, 2004) Examining the future role of government in the context of promoting economic growth, strong communities, fiscal responsibility and accountability. Continue reading

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EDC is fighting corruption

(January 12, 2004) Paul Martin’s Other Deficit Problem: Ethics, Lawrence Solomon, Jan. 8, leaves the mistaken impression that Export Development Canada (EDC) is indifferent to the negative effects of corruption and does nothing to combat corruption and bribery. Continue reading

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Strategic voting in Canada: A cross time analysis

(January 1, 2004) This paper investigates strategic voting in Canada. We test the standard expected utility model, as developed by McKelvey and Ordeshook (1972), across four federal elections. Continue reading

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On-ramp to power

(December 11, 2003) Canada`s conservatives have voted overwhelmingly to create a new Conservative Party of Canada. They now need to decide on a leader but even more, they need to decide whether to contest Canada`s urbanized ridings, home to an overwhelming number of voters. Continue reading

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