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Lawrence Solomon: Get dirty and avoid vaccines

Health authorities insist the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks, a mindset that stems from faith, not science, without any incentive to curb needless or even harmful use of vaccines and medications. Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: Death of a maverick

(June 7, 2011) Rosalyn Sussman Yalow, winner of a 1977 Nobel prize in medicine and a lifelong fighter against personal and professional prejudice in science, died last week at age 89. Continue reading

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Turn Green property tax plan on its head

(October 18, 2005) Urban life realizes environmental ideals. The city resident drives less, burns less home heating fuel, more often patronizes neighbourhood establishments and more often consumes locally made products, all the while producing more wealth using fewer resources. To live lightly on the land, it’s best to look to the urban village. Continue reading

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Rural phase out

(April 21, 2004) For the first time in memory, possibly for the first time in Canadian history, a prominent government panel is recommending that unsustainable rural areas in Canada’s heartland be taken off life support and allowed to die a natural death. Continue reading

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Investing in people: creating a human capital society for Ontario

(February 24, 2004) Examining the future role of government in the context of promoting economic growth, strong communities, fiscal responsibility and accountability. Continue reading

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