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Get Ontario off the property-tax roller coaster

(May 6, 2006) Mike Harris was one of the greatest redistributionists in Ontario history. He left behind a self-perpetuating property-tax mess, and also the highest property-tax regime in the Western world. Now property owners have had enough and Harris’s Liberal successor, Dalton McGuinty, vows to clean it up. Continue reading

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Six ways to beautify our cities

(March 10, 2006) Charlottetown Mayor Clifford Lee wants to beautify his city. So does Toronto Mayor David Miller, Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan and literally hundreds of other mayors across Canada who tout beautification campaigns for their towns and cities, often with the sponsorship of the Canada Lands Company, a federal Crown corporation that’s big on beautification. Continue reading

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Getting it Right

(March 1, 2006) Investigation into the transparency of the property assessment process and the integrity and efficiency of decision-making at the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation. Continue reading

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