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Lawrence Solomon: Fix Your City – KPMG cuts are merely cautious

(July 29, 2011) The potential cuts that KPMG laid out are just what you’d expect from a consulting group inspired by accountants: cautious and uninspired. Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: A Tea Party budget

(July 15, 2011) Michele Bachmann would stop the borrowing and ­prioritize Social Security, Medicare and defence. Continue reading

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The Politics of Alternative Energy (3): The Need for Public Ownership of the Carbon “Idea”

(July 4, 2011) “If in the long run we are the makers of our own fate, in the short run we are the captives of the ideas we have created”. These words of economist and political philosopher Friedrich Hayek’s today resonate loudly in the carbon “idea” – that the West should fast-track a low-carbon economy no matter what the socio-economic cost. Continue reading

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Novel cure

Tom Flanagan’s cure for what ails Indian reserves is novel, especially for a conservative.

It’s not more federal or provincial money, or fewer controls over existing transfers. Indians don’t need enhanced cultural identity or greater control over natural resources, health care, education, child welfare, policing or criminal justice.

If Indians want self-government, they must be prepared to be taxed.

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Ontario must rescue Toronto from itself

(October 20, 2006) Montreal was once Canada’s great financial centre. Then politics made Montreal unwelcoming to business and, over time, Toronto took over. Now Toronto has become hostile to business and companies are relocating outside the city and to more business-friendly Calgary. If Toronto remains hostile, Calgary will continue to outpace Toronto and could replace Toronto as the country’s business and financial capital. Continue reading

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