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Lawrence Solomon: Israeli oil could bust the OPEC cartel

(June 13, 2011) The old energy order in the Middle East is crumbling and a new energy order is emerging to give the West some spine. In this new order, Israel is a major player. Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: Health Canada should perk up

(May 20, 2011) Over the last few years, I have been struck by the avalanche of studies indicating that coffee consumption promotes human health. Just last week came news from Swedish researchers in the peer-reviewed Breast Cancer Research that showed a significant decrease in breast cancers among post-menopausal women who were avid coffee drinkers. Continue reading

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NUMBY strikes Ontario

by Lawrence Solomon, September 3, 2009

The 2002/2003 Alberta electoral boundaries commission

Interim Report to the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta


September 1, 2002

Proposed Electoral Division Areas, Boundaries and Names for Alberta.


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Passenger Travel by Motorized Modes, Canada, 1970-1995



With the exception of the years 1980-82, the number of passenger-kilometers (pkm) traveled by motorized modes rose constantly throughout the period 1970-95. (See Table 1.) Growth in motorized travel increased a total of 127.5 % — outstripping growth in population, at 36.7%, over the same period. As a result, the average Canadian traveled 15,968.6 kilometers by motorized modes in 1995, as compared to 9,596.3 kilometres in 1970.

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