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False hope for global unity

(October 31, 2008) My American friends believe that, after Barack Obama becomes president, America will once again be loved around the world. They are wishful thinkers. Anti-Americanism didn’t begin with George Bush and it won’t end with an Obama presidency. With rare exceptions, America has always inspired hatred and contempt, and for reasons that aren’t about to go away. Those who expect America’s haters to convert on November 4 need to get out more. Continue reading

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Harper, patriot

(January 20, 2006) Stephen Harper is a separatist. Stephen Harper is unpatriotic. Stephen Harper can’t even bring himself to say he loves his country. Continue reading

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The rich have always been inviting targets

(March 9, 2004) Some are appalled that Martha Stewart could be prosecuted for covering up a crime she didn’t commit, especially when prosecutors would never have been bothered pursuing an ordinary person. Yet double standards against the rich are nothing new. Prosecutors and others have long made their careers by going after this very visible minority. Continue reading

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Investing in people: creating a human capital society for Ontario

(February 24, 2004) Examining the future role of government in the context of promoting economic growth, strong communities, fiscal responsibility and accountability. Continue reading

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Paul Martin’s other deficit problem

(January 8, 2004) Patronage, ethics and other corruption-related issues loomed large in the last federal election. They didn’t stop Jean Chretien and the Liberals from being re-elected with an increased majority but they did cast a poll over the country. Continue reading

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