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Smart roads are making new mass transit and expressways obsolete

(September 5, 2013) Satellite technology tracks traffic along all routes, changing rates on the fly. Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: Move into the fast lane

(December 7, 2012) The U.S. has pioneered dynamic pricing of highway toll lanes. Continue reading

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Lawrence Solomon: Keep names, sell stations

(July 8, 2011) To minimize fare hikes on Toronto’s deficit-ridden transit system, a desperate Toronto Transit Commission decided this week to raise revenue from corporations by selling them naming rights to subway stations. Continue reading

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Aldyen Donnelly: BCAA’s conclusions about hybrid vehicles

(June 14, 2011) After one spends a little time calculating paybacks for different vehicle purchase options under different energy and vehicle price, tax, emission rating and purchase incentive scenarios, it becomes obvious that any tax measures intended to change consumer energy use should focus on car purchase and annual re-registration, not fuel purchases. Continue reading

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When is dense just plain dense?

(June 8, 2011) The Urban Renaissance Institute promotes higher urban densities and narrower right of ways … but not in all cases. Continue reading

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