Lawrence Solomon: Bicycles kill. How urban cycling policies made city streets more lethal

(December 8, 2017) Giving bicycles a bigger share of the road has backfired on vehicle safety.

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Interview with Lawrence Solomon on cycling

(December 3, 2017) “So you used to be a bicycle advocate going back to the eighties …” Mark Towhey discusses Solomon’s controversial cycling article and his view that bicycles have become a harm instead of the benefit that they should be.

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Lawrence Solomon: How cities made a huge mistake in promoting cycling

(December 1, 2017) Cycling lanes consume more space than they free up, add to pollution and drain the public purse.
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Lawrence Solomon: To solve Canada’s social housing problem, we should look to Britain’s privatization schemes

(May 30, 2017) Theresa May has unveiled a build-rent-buy program that in one stroke promises to boost home construction, house the needy, and incentivize them to become homeowners.

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Lawrence Solomon: How city politicians are helping Amazon destroy your favourite local retailers

(April 21, 2017) Brick-and-mortar stores are falling by the thousands, but don’t blame Amazon — it’s municipalities that are wielding the wrecking ball.

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